If the Internet is a Democracy, Why don’t we Use it?

On December 1st the news that more changes are coming to Facebook was leaked. Perhaps these are necessary changes, perhaps not, but what is certain is that once again, Facebook will erupt in disputes, and millions will join groups criticising the changes. In 2008, in response to the initial layout design, a group was formed “MILLIONS AGAINST FACEBOOK’s NEW LAYOUT & TERMS OF SERVICE” which acts as a sort of general discussion group for any changes to Facebook. Today, the group has 2,433,707 members.

In Spring, when Facebook announced it would change it’s terms of service, it tried to calm the storm that ensued by letting users vote on their own set of rules called the Facebook Principles and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. This was an extremely democratic step, and was a fantastic response to the voices of the users.

Yet only 600,000 voted.

There’s no doubt that Facebook does on occasion throw its weight around, not informing users of changes, etc, but can we really blame them? After all the fuss…600,000 votes out of millions who complain?

We have such power through the Internet. We know what we can do just by being present online. So why, when we’re presented such an opportunity, did we waste it? If we’re given a chance; use it! Joining a group doesn’t change anything – actions do, and when we’re given a chance to make a difference, we must take it.

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